You can find Us here

You can find Us Here

About Us

MM House Design was founded in 2012, inspired by the magic that can make words, decided to give a little bit of it to different amateurs of black and white typography. The strength that comes from the written word and completely austere, minimalist art form issued by MM House Design from the beginning have become the hallmark of the publishing house.

Each work is a kind of commentary on the mundane situation, the events of everyday life, where the participants are each of us. On one hand, motivational, sometimes humorous, character graphics, should spur us to action, push us toward new challenges, on the other hand a total minimalism style of all projects may help you to create a sense of peace and harmony.

MM House Design publish collections of posters, postcards of its own design, but also cooperate with the artists who feel the same way today's world. All products stamped with logo of MM House Design Publishing House are characterized by the utmost attention to quality of materials, workmanship and every other little detail.